Heavy dump trucks rumble through Newcastle village!

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Dumptruck passing through Newcastle villageOver the past several weeks, a parade of heavy, fully loaded dump trucks has entered Newcastle at the Mill Street exit from the eastbound 401. They travelled north on Mill Street to King Avenue East (Highway 2 in the Village), thence eastward to their destination close to Stapleton Road where their loads of soil were dumped. They returned to the westbound 401 by the very same route. The noise, vibration, emissions and wear and tear on our roads do not belong in the residential and business sectors of Newcastle; nor does the potential for accidents!

Your Association immediately took action by notifying Ward 4 Councillor, Marg Zwart. She then alerted those concerned at Municipal Hall and sought answers. Marg was reminded that several years ago, the same situation developed using the same unfortunate routing of loaded dump trucks rolling through downtown Newcastle and along Mill Street. At that time, our Regional Councillor (Wards 3 and 4), Willie Woo sprang into action, along with your Association, resulting a rerouting of the offensive traffic along the 401 East to Newtonville and thence to its destination.

Dumptruck at King & Mill, NewcastleMunicipal officials have now confirmed they had approved the route through the Village and that the traffic would soon end as the project was winding down. Your Association requested that, in future, serious consideration be given to choosing available, alternative routings so that the residents of Newcastle be spared the burden of this offensive use of the roads in our community.

Your Association is grateful to our Ward Councillor for her prompt attention to the matter. As well, as a local citizen, Willie Woo advised authorities that this routing of heavy truck traffic through the Village was unacceptable, along with photos of the situation!

Bob Malone,
Immediate Past President

July 5, 2019

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